What We’re About

We absolutely love music as you probably already know. On this blog we’re gonna talk about some of our favorite genres, our favorite songs, and why we like the style of music.
All four of our members in this band knew that we were musically gifted from a very young age. While our parents have pushed us to get real jobs we all wanted to pursue a career in music which we knew was our passion.  It’s very safe to say…..we did it!

The road wasn’t always easy we had to go through a lot of struggles, a lot of hatred, and a lot of people who did not believe in what we did. There was a lot of life lessons that we had to learn. But now that it’s all behind us it all makes sense. It’s crazy to think I started in my pop’s moving company back in Buffalo (https://www.movingcompaniesbuffalony.com/) I really hated that job, but I had to pay the bills somehow. I found it online, the address is listed below.


You’ll find that some of the struggles that we had to push past, might be shocking, but its the truth that we’re sharing and this is what we had to learn along this journey. If we knew what we had to go through to get to where we are, maybe we would have been too scared to even start.

Life is always crazy, especially when you’re on the road. If we could pass on some of this knowledge and life lessons to you, then we consider this blog a success.

To be completely honest, I never really considered myself a writer. It’s only until my later years that I found such passion, and sharing my experiences.

What does it take?

Being a musician is very much like being an entrepreneur. You never really fully know that you are secure and are clueless about your future. I know this is a little dark, but it’s the truth. Now that’s something that I wish somebody told me when I was just beginning.

One of the worst things that I think you can experience, is when your friends or colleagues make fun of you or try to put you down. Being a musician is already hard enough with a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders. If you have kids or a family to support, this might be a little too much to bear for you. But luckily during our peak, I never had to worry about that issue.

Now on the upside if you do make it, you really make it. You’ll receive financial abundance beyond what you thought was possible. A lot of people may be overwhelmed and some divert to drugs or alcohol when this occurs. You have to absolutely keep your cool and continue doing what you’re doing. When you’re going through desperate times, you have to remember why you started in the first place. Even when you’re succeeding, always remember your big why.

How to lead the band

When you are the leader in the band you have to make sure that you have principles in line.
You have to make sure that everybody understands your values.
Not only that but those values that you list have to work alongside your teams.

Your band culture is going to determine your success or failure. If your people feel like they are working just to make money instead of working towards a common goal, then you will distrust among-st the members. I have always found that when everybody is on the same page and they are radically open anything can be accomplished. A good example of this was my cousins workshop that can be found here – Carpet Cleaning Buffalo. They had an amazing work culture that I picked up and transferred it over to how I run the band. The about page has all the details. To learn more about carpet cleaning you can visit the google page.

Sometimes you will go through hardships and you’ll need to readjust. Whenever there is a disagreement between band members make sure that there are open lines of communication. The worst thing you want is for somebody to try to prove a point just to be personally right, there is no need to feed your ego. Everybody has to be on a mission to get the right overall answer.
You have to learn to think as a group as a unit, always have the bands interest in mind versus your personal ego.

Many band members can be very emotional so this is actually a lot harder than you may think. In fact I think it’s probably necessary for band members to be on the emotional side since that also produces creativity. However when discussing logical matters then you must make sure that everybody operates from a place of higher thinking.

If somebody is wrong in their idea or in their thinking, make sure you don’t shut it down right away. Often times it’s good to hear the other person out, even if they’re new. Explain to them that your band culture really is about the decisions you make together rather than a solo decision.